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Posted on 02 February 2017

Wedding favours are traditionally a small gesture of thanks from the happy couple to their guests. From experience I would say 90% of groom’s have no interest in favours, don’t know what they are or why you need them. Until they are presented with a chocolate or similar and then they’re all about the favours! They’re definitely a marmite tradition, you either love them or hate them. 

Whilst we’re talking traditions, the traditional favour of choice has to be the sugared almond. A sugared almond is like the prawn cocktail of the favour world. It’s retro but nether the less a great option and who knows, perhaps a return in popularity of the faithful sugared almond is on the horizon. Five sugared almonds represent fertility, longevity, happiness, health and wealth. Simply pop in a favour bag for a simple wedding favour.

Sweets - Wedding Boutique

Love is sweet.
There truly is a sweet variety for all tastes. I grew up thinking my mum wasn’t a sweet fan, until one day we were setting up a wedding and a bride said “help yourself” to some sweets from the sweet station. Off she went, like a happy little kid in a sweet shop straight for the jazzies and jelly babies. With so many varieties why not chose yours and your partners favourites and alternate them at each place setting? That way people can swap if they don’t like their choice. 

The help yourself wedding favour. 
Give your guests the gift of choice by letting them chose their favour instead of being assigned one at the table. Sweet buffets are as popular as ever and are always well received. Fill sweet jars with your favourite varieties of sweets or buy pre filled jars for a quick and easy sweet table. I once worked a wedding that simply had a glass bowl of foil wrapped hearts on the present table alongside the guest book and post box. It was simple, effective and satisfied the “necessity” of providing a wedding favour. 

In a wedding bubble. 
To suggest bubbles as an adult wedding favour might seem absurd but hear me out, I have an agenda. I've seen some fabulous photos over the years using bubbles. Think confetti, but once it’s thrown or in this case blown it’s vanished. Perfect for those venues that don’t allow confetti. And believe me when I say, adults love the nostalgia of bubble favours!

In the detail.  

I’m all about the detail, you couldn’t work in weddings and have it any other way. It’s easy to look at a single mock up favour on your dining room table at home and think it looks great but how is it going to tie in with your colour scheme and theme of the wedding. Get creative, if your wedding dress is lace why not tie your favours with lace ribbon? It’s the little details that make the difference. Kraft and hessian favours are a popular choice in 2017 and are perfect for a rustic barn wedding. 

What favours are you choosing for your big day?  See our full range here.
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